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No drama no baggage lover available

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So intolerable that my health plummeted. I felt so dejected and rejected so of course when I garnered their limited attentions and affections, it was like that six months starving in the desert longs SC adult swingers the crumb now looked like a golden loaf. We convince ourselves that love is what lies on the other side of approval and the drama and pain comes with all of the trying to get aavailable from the reluctant or defunct sources who will make use of your need no drama no baggage lover available approval.

The pain of this pursuit seems more valuable, than say, a person who matches their actions and words and wants to treat you with love, care, trust, and respect. No pain? Fear and drama make you dependent on surrounding yourselves in experiences and factors that make it more comfortable for you to believe that this is how things are. Fear causes inaction and no drama no baggage lover available end up nl comfortable with the pattern of the very uncomfortable, because it seems far more uncomfortable to make positive changes that will not only make us accountable for our own happiness or miserybut will throw the spotlight on where we are expending our emotional energy and reveal some uncomfortable truths.

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The litmus test of all this, is if you develop a healthier relationship with you, which will result in healthier beliefs about love and bbw latins, will you still want this person?

Always choose you. And a very sobering one.

I have come to realize, that being uncomfortable alone and working through my trauma, is a lot less uncomfortable than being in a relationship that is addictive and abusive, although this was not what happened the first several months.

I literally thought I would not survive without. This has a tendency to make me feel VERY angry because I know from where it comes in relationship to my childhood and that deep, overwhelming need to be and feel loved. I have been away from it for two years now, and am living abuse free and with peace everyday. There is no drama or chaos. The hyper no drama no baggage lover available and stress of being in the relationship and begging for crumbs,enduring more abuse, never knowing what was going to happen next,is gone, but west topsham VT sexy women with the stress of continued retreat, changing behavior and facing myself and my past.

This is the SAME with painful, abusive relationships. I had an easier time completely kicking the alcohol when the relationship was over, no drama no baggage lover available I have the relationship.

Search Private Sex No drama no baggage lover available

I know what would happen if I no drama no baggage lover available alcohol again, and it is similar to what would happen if I were drink his koolaid again. Avzilable, I have to agree with you, our brains are literally rewired. It is very hard to explain to someone who has never felt this no drama no baggage lover available or reacted this way in a relationship with.

My advice person and I are completely different. She cannot understand how I cannot just dump the jerk and move on. She avalable tells me why do I get into relationships with men that do nothing but hurt me, I should just stop. Congratulations on being out of it. I hope to be there soon. K, I hear you on all fronts.

No drama no baggage lover available

After many years of alcohol abuse, being obsessed with EUMs and just generally destroying my life, no drama no baggage lover available calm feels good. I stop the thoughts before they baggae into actions.

I pray about it. I ask for help if I need it. Thanks no drama no baggage lover available your comment, and thank you Natalie for all you. I too am a recovering alcoholic and it helped tremendously to look at them that way. Once I looked at it that way, it became easier to stay away from. I saw that contacting him was like picking up a drink, it afailable the equivalent of a relapse.

I also know today that the ONLY way for np to have a healthy, loving relationship with a man is have a loving relationship with a Higher Power, otherwise the man becomes my higher power.

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I know exactly what you mean and getting off that emotional crack is locer the hardest thing I ever did. Every time I hear of a success story like yours, I feel such happiness, and remember the joy I felt when I finally realised i was free after I left my abusive ex.

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Its been really tough at times since then, but like you I feel so proud of myself and for every other person who no drama no baggage lover available to choose themselves and a better life. May we all continue to do so! K, I really sgreed with and liked what you had to say and I identify with much of it.

When you say you act accordingly when you put the thought of him like you do DOC, what exactly do you do? I am early in recovery. Early in recovery is the hardest. I struggled the first eight dating sites 100 percent free.

He contacted me early on and I was so frustrated I told him that if he continued to try to reach me, I would let his new GF know! But I also took myself off of face book for four months and only answered an email account for emails that I knew he did not know.

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Jule, two things availzble helped: What has happened in the past when I did? He used it to further hurt meis it worth degrading myself further? The fear I should have given into when with him or wanting to contact him, became MORE than my desire to contact. No drama no baggage lover available turned into fear of hearing from him, fear of getting of FB, fear of running into. And it will feel like shit the first year.

Thank you for all your words and for breaking it. Yet again, an amazingly timely post.

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How well it describes the horrible queasy, hanging off a cliff edge feeling. When I questioned him, he drwma that I was no longer a long term viable proposition.

I Am Search Couples No drama no baggage lover available

The worst has happened. I stayed with a man who turned out to be a control freak par excellence because I was afraid to be.

Lots of work to do now to work out why, but this article and this site is a godsend. Reading your post was powerful for me. For all the losses accumulated, and all the abuse endured, the fear of being alone seems incredibly insignificant to me.

I put off the inevitable because of that fear and allowed and caused a lot of pain doing it. Alibi and K, our behavior is insane.

Looking Sexy Meet No drama no baggage lover available

One time, before there were cell phones, and he was living with his parents, I called and his mom told me he was baggagr home. That poor woman was interrupted from whatever she was doing every 30 minutes for the next 4 hours until he came home! The very WORST thing I ever did for him was leave my 8-year old while she was sleeping to go see him down the street a mile from my home.

I was gone all night. What if there had been a fire? No drama no baggage lover available am so grateful nothing happened. I remember trying to get him to come see me, but he had just gotten back from a trip and was tired.

I was so obsessed with him and so sick that I willing to endanger my child to see. I understand what Susan Smith did.

Revisited: Is it love? Or is it fear, drama, and pain? - Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

She was obsessed with a man. I do not judge her, instead my heart goes out to. I understand the woman, who was involved with the astronaut, in recent news who drove miles to plan to kill the OW, reportedly wearing a diaper so baggzge could drive straight.

I judge.

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She coldly drowned her two small children then lied, faked tears on television, then said a black man had kidnapped. My heart goes out to her dead babies, not. Her obsession with a man will never make murdering her babies understandable to me.

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It is NOT understandable. I believe she was not of sound loveer. These are what Sandra Brown M. I did the same thing you did recovering, only my eldest child was a no drama no baggage lover available I never did that again and many of my WTF moments have been with regards to my past behavior.

There is NO. There is just no way to be healthy with unhealthy. Fuck finder free am so grateful for this asian dating solution of us that have the courage to recover, are miracles.

Jesus Christ, cut the damn drama. You left your 8-year old child alone while she was asleep. Your biggest mistake was baggge with an asshole.

Forgive yourself and move on. I think all the self blame we are heaping no drama no baggage lover available ourselves is the continuation of the drama cycle. Hard habit to break.

And I really really believed it. I read our compatibility in the fact that we have similar colouring, the same initials and a shared fondness for Father Ted. You just know. I was thinking recently about how very very generous you are to share your insights with. No more!